About Zero Waste

“Zero Waste” is a philosophy for living that involves not producing or contributing to excess or needless waste, both in the home and elsewhere such as in shops, factories or the workplace. The Zero Waste label was popularised by Bea Johnson from Zero Waste Home, who in 1998 switched her family’s lifestyle to relatively waste-free. Since then, many individuals and businesses have adopted the term, however it’s interpretation has varied somewhat. So, let’s clarify what we mean by Zero Waste when we use the term throughout the course:

  • Zero waste to landfill via kerbside collection
  • Zero waste to recycling via kerbside collection – we explain why in the course!
  • Zero waste to landfill via rubbish bins in public places, restaurants, shops, or other people’s houses!

We recognise that the term “Zero Waste” can be daunting, and seem unattainable. We prefer to think of zero waste as an achievable goal, rather than a rule.

Zero Waste does not have to be about going without things you love. We try to hold an abundance mindset with respect to the lifestyle – here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Enjoying the abundance of locally-grown, fresh food.
  • Enjoying your own home-grown produce.
  • Enjoying the marvels of composting!
  • Enjoying a pantry of food, devoid of advertising!
  • Enjoying not having to put out your rubbish bin.
  • Enjoying a cleaner home.
  • Enjoying products that are designed to last.
  • Enjoying a lifestyle that supports protection of nature and a cleaner local environment.
  • Enjoying opportunities to support local business.

In a more science-y way of thinking, Zero Waste is about mimicking nature by cycling nutrients through our human systems, without waste ‘spilling’ into the external environment. Unfortunately, in many modern-day societies, nutrients are not cycled efficiency – commonly, non-renewable resources are extracted from the earth, converted to products that we use, then afterwards sent to landfill or into the environment as pollution. Our aim is to minimise these problems by seeking to close the nutrient loop. Our Zero Waste Families course, gives you practical actions on how to do that!


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