About the course

A little while ago, our family embarked on a life-changing challenge to reduce our waste output. Within just a few weeks, we transitioned to living without waste, through a thought provoking period of learning and experimentation. We discovered a simpler, cleaner lifestyle and found it was much easier than we thought! Our aim is to share the process and the knowledge we’ve gained, in a way that is sensitive to the challenges regular families face while trying to reduce their waste consumption. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to environmental issues, but reducing the waste we create in our homes is something we all can do, so we’re here to help you achieve it!

We recognise that waste means different things to different people, and each person’s own circumstances will determine what is achievable along a path to living with less waste. Reducing waste by a small amount can be easy, but reducing most, or all household waste, will require a change of habits and most likely, a change of attitude. A zero-waste lifestyle is achievable, with a small shift in preparation, motivation, and perspective. Some encouragement and support along the way is invaluable too.

The Zero Waste Families e-course will provide you with helpful information, inspiration, support and practical advice to live confidently, with less waste. Through four weeks, we will guide you through analysing your family’s waste output and problem solving simple ways to target and reduce your consumption.

Zero Waste Families is not necessarily about making every home a zero waste home, but it is about helping you reduce your family’s waste output, in a supportive environment. We’ll provide you with recipes, activities and alternatives and some ideas for finding an ethical balance that you feel comfortable with.

Here’s what the course gives you:

  • Up-to-date information on waste-related issues.
  • Information about local waste strategies and tips for finding information in your locality.
  • Handy printables for your own planning and record keeping.
  • Tips and support for assessing your waste and staying accountable.
  • Ideas on where to begin.
  • Tips on waste-free shopping and shifting towards waste-free living.
  • Resources and recipes for replacing items in your home.
  • A list of resources such as books and films, for all ages to learn from or to get you talking.
  • Engaging activities to undertake with your kids to involve them in the discussion and solutions.
  • Support for creating change near you.
  • Access to a supportive, closed Facebook community to share your insight, and pose any questions, find extra inspiration, support and general hand-holding!

Through the course you’ll learn about practical techniques such as composting, worm farming, keeping small animals, making your own household products, cooking and preserving, gardening, upcycling, seed-saving, bulk food shopping, and so much more!

The course is packed with information and goodies, but at a super-affordable price so it can be affordable to as many families as possible.

After signing up, you’ll receive access to all four weeks worth of information, so you can work at your own pace and focus on the areas that are most useful for your own family’s needs. Sign up today!


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